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What People Say


Jacob and we have had a wonderful first year with you. You’ve shared some incredible highs and some unfortunate lows with us, but have faced the challenges head on in a way tailored to his needs. This is the first time this has been possible to deliver his education bespoke to him and around all his complex health needs, working with them, not against them. 


His condition hasn’t been a barrier, which is something we have always strived for and failed in for so long. 


Jacob has had some amazing sessions and achieved many things. Thanks to your hard work and support we have done this in the safest way possible, but still given him opportunities to experience new things, revisit his greatest loves and the in space and time he needs, we wish he’d had this opportunity before now!

We’re looking forward to next year and send our sincerest thanks to you both for all your hard work to bring this service to our wonderful boy!

- Hannah, Chris and Jacob 

Simply Sensory is an amazing organisation ran by Julie and Helen. They were TAs at my last school, they were always so helpful and caring and always made me smile. Since they left school, they have set up an organisation that helps children and young people to access specialist sensory education, home tutoring, assist with day trips, they also provide training to other organisations on how to make their teaching and environments more sensory and inclusive for all abilities

- Myles Sketchley, Project Development Officer of Strongbones Children's Charitable Trust

I have been fortunate enough to work alongside Julie and Helen for the past two years, and in that time they have been a vital source of information which has enabled me to provide appropriate experiences and opportunities for children in line with their individual needs. Julie and Helen have been able to recommend equipment, activities and strategies to employ with children who have various requirements and needs. It is obvious from the time I've spent with them, and from seeing the results of implementing their recommendations, that Julie and Helen have a sound understanding of Special Educational Needs - couple this with their nurturing and cheerful personas makes doing my job that little bit easier!

I would advocate Simply Sensory to anyone who requires advice, support or information regarding SEN / additional needs as their breadth of knowledge and understanding of these aspects are second to none!

- Vicky Barton, SEN Teaching Assistant

I am a teacher and have known both Julie and Helen for eleven years, and have had the privilege of working with them both. I know them both to be fantastic practitioners who always keep the young person at the heart of their thinking whilst providing creative, stimulating tailor made opportunities for the student. They excel at understanding the responses of the students in their care and therefore can provide the perfect stimuli for whatever the next step is. They are also very adept in sharing this information and training with them fascinating and really enjoyable.

Both of them have a drive and positivity which is not only admirable but an essential quality in any teaching environment. If you are looking for support in understanding the needs of the young people in your care, and adapting what you do to enhance their development, I would wholeheartedly recommend Julie and Helen who are exceptionally knowledgeable, understanding and approachable, and who's ongoing goal is to improve the lives of young people who face enormous challenges every day.

- Su Moore, Specialist Teacher

I have been visiting Julie and Helen over three academic years, in this time their knowledge, resources and consistent support has played a vital role in the learning and development of the children I work alongside. Due to their professional guidance I am constantly finding new approaches which enables children to access and most importantly enjoy learning. Their input is insightful and the passionate approach is evidence to how important it is to them to make a real difference to children not only who they immediately work with but for children across the county.

- Frazer, Nurture Teacher

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