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Alternative Provision - Home Tutoring

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What we provide

We provide Alternative Provision at home for children and young adults aged 3-24 years, of all abilities, including those recovering from trauma, brain injuries, severe anxiety, degenerative and life limiting conditions and young people on palliative care, and who are not able to attend school or are EOTAS (Educated Other Than at School).

We specialise in engaging with learners with complex needs to establish and embed methods of interaction, engagement and communication. 

We adapt the curriculum ensuring that all our sessions are delivered in a multi sensory, fun and accessible way. It doesn't matter if the young person is in a wheelchair, standing frame, laying on a bed or achieva, we can adapt to minimise any barriers to learning. 

We not only focus on the curriculum but for young people with degenerative or life limiting conditions, we focus on maintaining skills and give some stability and routine to their day. Our overall aim is to have fun, create memories and work towards what is relevant to each individual.

These are just a few examples of how we can adapt the curriculum to make it multi sensory and appropriate to the learners needs. We work with learners of all ages and abilities and adapt everything to meet the young person's needs. 


  • Counting with UV resources - this will be done in a darkened room with a UV light for visual enhancement and stimulation 

  • Counting real objects

  • Counting through sound, vibration, movement and sight

Writing and mark making

  • We use glow in the dark boards that tilt to vary the angle and reduce resistance to help with fine motor skills

  • We use corn flour, tea leaves, custard powder and numerous other materials to develop pre-writing skills

  • We can work on spellings, reading and writing using alternative sensory methods

Arts and crafts

We use arts and crafts materials to:

  • Help develop independence

  • Encourage choice making and communication 

  • Allow time for the young person to be creative and to express their views.

Sensory Stories

We tell stories in an interactive and multi-sensory way by using:

  •  Objects for reference,

  •  Real objects to explore linked to the story 

  • Microphones to encourage vocalisation, 

  • Switches to encourage anticipation and to enable the learner to join in and contribute. 


Communication is at the centre of everything we do. We use numerous ways to develop subtle communication methods including:

  • Makaton sign language 

  • Eye movements, smiles, head movements, vocalisations, eye pointing,

  • Switches, photos, pictures, symbols and words


We can adapt the PE curriculum to make it accessible using games such as:

  • Balloon volleyball 

  • Boccia

  • Skittles with ramps

  • Target practice using ramps and balls that either make a sound or are bright and colourful.

We can cover all areas of the curriculum depending on the needs and interests of the learner and will adapt it accordingly.

We use a wide range of sensory resources and stimuli


All our services are bespoke and will be tailored to your individual needs; therefore prices may vary depending on the level of support you require. Please note a travel fee may be charged depending on where you are based.

For more information, to tell us your needs and to obtain a quote for pricing, please get in touch by clicking below. 

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