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Support at Home


​Parents, Caregivers and Family Members of children with physical, learning or sensory needs, do you need help in: 

  • Understanding why your child displays certain behaviours

  • Supporting your child during transitions between different settings

  • Creating your own sensory space, sensory room or calm environment at home

  • Getting hands on practical sensory resources and activities to use at home

We can visit you and help with: 

  • Sensory processing and regulation strategies

  • Sensory preference and aversion profiles to aid transitions and consistency

  • Ideas for sensory play, interaction and communication

  • Training for carers to understand your child’s sensory needs and how to engage and interact effectively and purposefully

  • Quality one to one sensory sessions at home

  • Setting up a sensory space and using resources to have fun with your chil

  • Sensory parties (including UV and fluorescent resources, messy play, sensory disco, parachutes)

  • Advice on suitable resources from our Sensory Library

  • Family workshops

  • Fun with Makaton


All our services are bespoke and will be tailored to your individual needs; therefore prices may vary depending on the level of support you require. Please note a travel fee may be charged depending on where you are based.

For more information, to tell us your needs and to obtain a quote for pricing, please get in touch by clicking below. 

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