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We are able to provide specialist sensory and visual rehabilitation sessions to support learners with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI)  or other visual impairments.

For children and learners with CVI it is really important that they receive regular visual stimulation in order to stimulate and develop the neural pathways. Although everyone is different, it is hoped that through targeted support and stimulation our learners visual skills will improve as they begin to use the functional vision they have to the best of their ability.

An ophthalmology specialist or teacher for the visually impaired is able to provide a visual acuity score if possible, check the health of the eye and support a diagnosis. We however look at the functional vision. What can the learner actually see?

The first part of the process is to identify their visual fields. Helen, our specialist in visual and hearing impairment, does this through observation and a visual assessment. What colours can the learner see? Can they see a light up toy in a dark room or brightly coloured objects in a light room? Where does the stimuli need to be presented? Close, in the distance, high, low to the left or right. By identifying the learners' visual fields it can make learning more accessible and fun.

We would work on many skills during the sessions including:


  • Develop visual acuity (improving the clarity of the image)

  • Establish and widen visual fields

  • Develop perception of movement

  • Develop and encourage a fixed gaze

  • Encourage engagement and visual interested in an activity/stimuli/object

  • Enable choice making and develop communication skills

  • Develop tracking skills

  • Develop the ability to transfer his gaze from one object to another

  • Improve hand eye coordination

  • Increase visual memory skills

  • Develop perception, processing and reaction skills

  • Identify favoured colours and contrasts

  • Increase tolerance to visual information and reduce visual overload

We aim to develop strategies to find a clear and consistent way forward; this would be done in a fun and stimulating way.

Every session would be tailored to the learners individual needs and would be adapted on a day to day basis according to health and levels of alertness. 

All sessions are bespoke and can be delivered in blocks or as a weekly session. Please contact us for more information and a price.

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