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Introducing 'Little Dave'

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Resources don't have to be complicated and break the budget to be effective!

We often say that low tech resources have the biggest impact on learning, play and sensory development. They do not break the budget are extremely versatile as they can be used in any room or learning environment. They can be used to enhance displays, encourage exploration, develop interaction and turn taking, are exciting and good fun to use.

We'll be blogging about our favourite examples of low tech resources, but we have to start to with the Ion Party Starter, who we have lovingly renamed Little Dave as he has become such an integral member of our team!

See him in action below (instead a netted washing basket):

Little Dave is a visually stimulating resource that can be projected inside a white laundry basket, under a white projection umbrella. Learners know something exciting is about to happen.

Dave is also a Bluetooth speaker and is sound reactive giving him another sensory engagement and auditory stimulation function. Hearing impaired learners can feel the vibration from the speaker.

We also have a Big Dave that we'll introduce you to soon but the take home message is that sensory resources can be simple and homemade!

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