Support & Training in Schools & Early Years Settings


In your School or Early Years Setting (both special or mainstream) we can offer the following: 

  •  Advice on the creation of a sensory room, sensory space or a calm learning environment

  • Hands on creative low-tech ideas that have a high impact on learning

  • Planning for sensory approaches to learning including sensory stories, exploration and messy play

  • Inclusion and support strategies to promote engagement

  • Understanding how and why the senses impact on learning and everyday life

  • Communication skills using resonance boards and other sensory resources

  • A greater understanding on visual and hearing impairment

  • Guidance on how to use sensory equipment and resources effectively and purposefully to maximise engagement with; UV, Write in the light, Projection, Ready to learn kits, Auditory and visual learning, Sound to light, Development of fine and gross motor skills, Cause and effect, Resonance boards

Our Courses

We also offer the following specific courses which can be tailored to your needs: 

Twilight sensory taster sessions

We can inspire your staff with an hour long sessions on:


  • UV

  • Write in the light

  • Projection

  • Sensory rooms and spaces

  • Sensory processing

  • Creative sensory ideas

  • Sensory themed days for the whole school

  • Sensory stories

  • Outdoor sensory areas/spaces

  • Resonance boards for communication and stories

  • Sensory integration and processing

Learning Environments


Do you need support with?


  • How to create a sensory rich environment 

  • How to create a calm space for children who can get overloaded or have meltdowns 

  • How to create a sensory area in your classroom  

  • How to create a stimulating everyday working environment 

Sensory room support

Have you got a sensory room and don’t know how to use your room and resources ? We can provide training or support on:


  • Creative and exciting sensory room ideas to inspire your staff 

  • How to use high and low tech resources 

  • Making a sensory room purposeful and effective 

  • Practical advice to embed sensory learning

  • How to make your room inclusive for all your children

  • How to link sensory resources to the curriculum 

  • Advice on the best sensory equipment to make your budgets go further 

Sensory Stories


  • How to adapt a story using a sensory approach 

  • How to meet your learners sensory preferences and aversions 

  • Ideas and resources for sensory stories 

  • UV sensory resources to bring a story to life

  • How to tell a story using a resonance board 

What is Sensory Learning?


Do you need help to understand why some children just can’t access learning?


  • What are sensory approaches to support learning 

  • Explore a multi sensory approach for every day teaching and learning 

  • Sensory planning linked to the curriculum or assessment tool 

  • Sensory planning for themes, topics and stories 

  • Engagement and Interaction 

  • Sensory approach to encourage play 

Sensory on a Budget

This is a fun session hands on practical session on:

  • Where to buy low cost resources that won’t break the bank 

  • How to use low tech resources that have a high impact on all learners 

  • How to make sensory resources 

The Sensory System 

This course is very good for staff who are supporting pupils who demonstrate sensory behaviours and meltdowns, it covers:


  • The senses and how they impact on learning

  • The senses and how they impact on everyday life 

  • Strategies and ideas for sensory regulation 

  • Experience what it is like to be in their shoes

Creative Sensory Play


  • Sensory messy play for learners who are tactile resistant 

  • Strategies to overcome barriers to exploration 

  • Thinking outside the box for sensory learners 


All our services are bespoke and will be tailored to your individual needs; therefore prices may vary depending on the level of support you require. Please note a travel fee may be charged depending on where you are based. However below is a guide to pricing for each session type: Mileage is charged at 45ppm.

Twilight sensory taster sessions to provide quality CPD

£150 per one hour session and £100 per hour or part thereof for extra time. the price includes a one-off free visit to discuss your needs, planning and setting up.


Bespoke Inset day for all staff

£600 per day

£350 per half day


Organised Training Courses

Send a member of staff on one of our many sensory courses.

£125 per person, per day


One to one support packages 

We can work with individual staff to provide multi-sensory planning and support.

£100 per hour

Sensory aversions and preferences check lists

Identify sensory needs and give strategies to support the child and promote inclusion £100 per child

Home Tuition

For learners with complex sensory, medical and mental health needs or require rehabilitation back into education. We work with the learners and their families in their own home and support transition back into mainstream or special school. Price available on request.

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